The Borough of Duncannon, PA's application for the Appalachian Trail Community™ program has officially been approved!  This web site is meant to be an online tool for coordinating the designation event and project-planning for Duncannon as an A.T. Community. The designation event is planned for June 2, 2012.  This will include not only a ceremony for the designation, but also a town festival with the theme “SAVING OUR COMMUNITY FROM NATURE DEFICIT DISORDER”

For this event, our hope is that our Committee comprised of local officials, community members, business owners, representatives of non-profit organizations and trail clubs and our team of dedicated volunteers will be able to offer outdoor recreation and environmental education activities for all members of the greater Duncannon area, especially for those children and adults who do not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in these activities.  

We hope that the event’s theme will carry over into all changes being considered for Duncannon, including: Apple Tree Alley, improved river access, beautification of the town square, and fulfilling an Appalachian Trail Community’s purpose to act as a catalyst for enhancing economic development, engaging citizens as trail visitors and stewards, aiding local municipalities and regional areas with conservation planning and helping local community members see the trail as a resource.  We hope to encourage all to go to the outdoors to enjoy nature and to recognize the connection between the health and abundance of our area’s natural assets and the vitality of our communities.