Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Duncannon and The Doyle Hotel featured in Harrisburg Magazine column

A lunch at The Doyle.  (Source: HarrisburgMagazine.com)
Greater capital area foodie, Jane Adams, recently spent some time in downtown Duncannon enjoying the hospitality of Pat & Vickey Kelly at the Doyle Hotel and featured the experience in her Harrisburg Magazine column!  The write-up features a quick run-down of Duncannon's unique transportation history and local attractions including the Appalachian Trail and Old Sled Works.  Jane then went on to describe her experience at the Doyle Hotel

"It was after lunch and there were just a few customers finishing up their dishes. There were maps of the Appalachian trail, mementos and hiker logs. The age of the place impressed me, and was evident as I looked up and spied original tin ceiling tiles... 

As the bartender continued to describe the menu, I noticed used personal pronouns in his sentences, for example, “I’ve got”, “I made”, and so on. As he spoke, it was evident to me that he must be the owner. Right then I knew that the food would have one essential ingredient... people who care about the quality of the product that they are serving to their customers and take pride in their food."

Duncannon's really getting on the map as a capital area destination!  See the full article here.

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