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Graphics Committee meeting minutes - Brochures, mural & photography updates

Lots of great brainstorming and planning at the Graphics Committee meeting this past Tuesday.  We were especially excited to see two Susquenita High School art students looking to get involved with awesome ideas!  Also excited to report that Appalachian Trail Conservancy's new Executive Director, Mark Wenger, will very likely be in attendance at June 2nd's designation event.

Minutes Graphics Meeting 2/28/12

  1. Attendance: Mary Parry, Paul Smith, Susan Norris, Annie Leiby, Kim McKee, Sean O’Shell, Ariana Troni, Sakara Hancock
  1. Mary reported on Graphic Tasks Review
1.     Pre-Event Brochure created by Chairperson Susan Norris. Some additions made by Mary. Further changes made to meet Borough Council requirements.  Waiting on approval of changes by Borough Council to go to print.
2.     Hike Scavenger hunt cards created by Susan ready to go to print.
3.     Waiting for completion of river trip scavenger hunt cards by Susan Norris.
4.     Mary has designed Event Program and is punching in information as she receives it.
5.     Target date to paint business windows in Duncannon is May 12.  Brandon Gallagher and Karen Reckert originally interested. New committee members Ariana and Sakara, students at Susquenita High School want to participate and willing to recruit more volunteers. Mary also sent invitations to get involved to many other art teachers and principals of schools in surrounding communities but has heard nothing.
6.     Mary had one initial conversation with Joel Deaven concerning the directional signs.  
  1. Mural Discussion
1.     Mural Design - Mary described potential map mural embellished with outdoors’ embellishments.  Carol Boyd is the supervisor for this project. They have met to look at location and have had several discussions concerning this project.  She is to provide cost estimate.  Mary showed map draft design.  The following suggestions were made:
                                        a.         Magnifying glass on Duncannon since it is enlarged compared to rest of map.
                                        b.         Show State Game Lands, etc.
                                        c.         Show compass.
                                        d.         Show “you are here” star. 
                                        e.         Embellish with state bird, state flower, etc.
                                        f.         Borough and/or Perry County Flag. Annie can provide image of Perry County Flag.

2.  Kickstarter - Kim McKee explained fundraiser for mural.  It is an online program set up to solicit donations.  We set goal and timeframe. If we reach goal we get donations, if we don’t reach goal we get nothing. Following the format of the webpage we need script explaining project, video to promote project, and Awards for various increments of donation. All of these tasks need done quickly so enough time is allowed for the mural.

                                         a.         Sean O’Shell has created a page for committee members to upload pics or videos for use in the video promoting the mural.  By March 7 go to UserName: datcgraphics
PassWord: graphicsdatc
Please log out as soon as you are finished uploading or downloading your files so other members can use this resource.  Only one person can be logged in at any time.

                                        b.         Sean O’Shell and Sakara Hancockby March 14 - Submit video to Mary "Trailangelmary" Parry. Schedule a time and date to meet to choose/edit/approve video. Included in the meeting will be Mary, Susan Norris, Sean O’Shell, and Sakara Hancock.

                                         c.         Kim McKee has written script that will be on page. She and/or Sean O’Shell will design page once provided with all the pieces by March 19.

                                        d.         Ideas for video
·      Hawk Rock
·      Location of mural
·      Present mural
·      Doyle Hotel
·      Examples of artwork to be on mural
·      Artist’s sketch of mural
·      Traiangelmary at beginning
·      Trailangelmary voice of audio
·      Earl Shaffer at Clark’s Ferry Bridge
·      Scotty Brown sketch of town square

                                         e.         Awards for Kickstarter donations
·      Up to $10 – Recognition on Event Web Page
·      $11 to $20 – TTEC Postcard
·      $21 to $30 – set of 4 TTEC Postcard
·      $31 to $50 – premiere event t-shirt
·      $51 to $99 – name on mural
·      $100 and up – name on mural and premiere event t-shirt

  1. Photo Booth – Annie has developed an idea to raise additional $’s for the Advisory Committee the day of the event. Attendees can get their picture taken with Smokey the Bear in the photo booth which will have a background of trees and an A.T. Trailhead sign at a cost of $5.00. They will also be able to go to Annie’s page to order a print after the event. Annie will proceed with project. She plans on asking Brandon Gallagher to create backdrop. Mary needs description from Annie ASAP for event program.

  1. Annie requested a photographers’ meeting in April. Photographers committed to date – Tina Mumma, Annie Leiby, Annie’s son (name?), Steve Fehr, Diane Peresic, Helen Ernest, Zach Druckenmiller

  1. Susan Norris asked when she will receive Event Central Panels. Mark Lukens - April 1 - Finish Event Central Panels and provide to Susan Norris, Graphics Chair.

  1. Next Graphics Committee Meeting - Early April - Agenda - Photographers, Window decorations crew. Window decorations crew will be asked to bring sketches of things having to do with outdoors that they would like to paint on windows.

  1. Ariana and Sakara are willing to volunteer at Event Central day of event (June 2). They will also recruit more volunteers from the high school. If Mary has enough volunteers committed to man already planned stations at event central she will entertain further ideas of Ariana and Sakara. Stations that need manned from 11 am to 3:00 pm are:
1.     Welcome, obtain contact information, distribute event program.
2.     Sell popcorn
3.     Sell t-shirts and hats
4.     Apply ATC temporary tattoos and make and distribute Bubble blowers
5.     Sell raffle tickets
6.     Bandana Decorations – Girl Scouts 

    Respectfully submitted by Mary “Trailangelmary” Parry, Lead Volunteer and DATC Advisory Committee Coordinator, 2 Ann St, Duncannon, 717-834-4706,

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