Monday, November 28, 2011

Duncannon's page is Live on ATC's Web Site!

Duncannon's page is live on the Appalachian Trail Communities section of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy's web site!  Duncannon is now listed with other designated communities with info regarding past community efforts to support the Trail, local hiker services, and upcoming plans for the designation event.  Click here or on image at right to have a look.  A tentative event schedule has been posted on the Event page of this blog as well.

Duncannon's designation is also announced on Susquehanna Appalachian Trail Club's homepage!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Event Venue/Vendor Space Update

Update from event organizer Mary Parry - Vendors who are concerned about the  info stating that vendor space will be 8' need not be concerned. Since many vendors have 10'x10' canopies, we will be adjusting each vendors space to suit.

She has been receiving lots of suggestions for event venue sites.  The most logical to Fred Lauster and Mary is Cooper Field, rather than Cumberland St, Noyes Park, and Fortenbaugh's lot.  At Cooper Field we can have everything in one location.  The Advisory Committee will vote on this at the upcoming meeting in January. 
Stay tuned for Jan. meeting date/time.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Perry County Greenways, Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan

How do the efforts of Committee members representing various public, private and volunteer partners in Duncannon fit into Perry County's larger picture?

The Perry County Board of Commissioners officially adopted the Perry County Greenways, Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan (GPROSP) on July 18, 2011. The plan (to view, click here) recognizes greenways, provides an updated inventory of community parks and recreation together with recommendations, and offers direction for open space protection by way of sample ordinances.  In addition to supporting the Apple Tree AlleyWalk project, the following goals and action items are notable to the Duncannon Advisory Committee efforts:

  • Identify Trail Towns – As defined in Trail Towns Capturing Trail-Based Tourism a “Trail Town” is a destination along a long-distance trail. Whether on a rail trail, towpath, water trail, or hiking trail-trail users can venture off the trail and to enjoy the scenery, services, and heritage of the nearby community. It is a safe place where both township residents and trail users can walk, find goods and services they need, and easily access both trail and town by foot or vehicle. In such a town, the trail is an integral and important part of the community. A Trail Town is a vibrant place where people come together. It may have a bike shop, an ice cream parlor, casual restaurants, a grocery store, and quaint local shops. It has wide sidewalks, clean streets, bike racks, and benches at convenient locations. It has places to rest for the night. Trail Towns are not stand-alone communities; they are linked by the trail corridor where trail users may be passing through a town on a day trip or long distance trek, or may drive to a community and park to access a river or trial.
  • Promote and coordinate special events in Perry County. They are a top recreational interest among the citizens and have the potential to draw people to visit in Perry County. There is currently no centralized means for people to access information about events and programs in Perry County. Establishing a “go-to” place for people to go to in order to find out about recreation opportunities would increase awareness and stimulate participation in recreation. Consider using current providers of information as the “Goto” resource or mix of resources including Perry County, the Perry County Council of the Arts, the Dauphin County Visitors Bureau, municipal newsletters and others that may be in place.
  • Pursue heritage and outdoor recreation tourism as a major industry of Perry County. Action:  Work aggressively with the Hershey – Harrisburg Visitors Bureau to position Perry County’s recreation and heritage assets for increased tourism.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Designation Event Budget Committee Update

The Budget Committee has met and worked on the budget worksheet to develop a preliminary budget.  It can be viewed here - DATC Budget Worksheet.  Please enter any updated figures on that sheet.  Further research is being done to develop the final budget.  Fundraising Chair Matt Smith is talking to potential sponsors and will prepare the final budget. 

Donations will be accepted to supplement sponsorship so we may accomplish all that is planned!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Updates from Event Coordinator Mary "trailangelmary" Parry

The Board of the Advisory Committee Designation Event shall consist of 9 members including Mary "Trailangelmary" Event Coordinator, 8 other Committee Chairpersons, and Advisor Kim McKee, Appalachian Trail Conservancy Act 24 Coordinator.   All chairpersons have been confirmed with the exception of 2 which we are waiting for a reply.

Mary attended the November Borough Council Meeting and distributed our "3-minute commercial" Statement, Participation Confirmation Form and cover letter to all Council members.  Council member Jack Conrad spoke highly of our plans for the event to those present and asked Mary to speak about the event. Mary was also approved as a new member of the Duncannon Recreation Board at the meeting.

Members of the Event Board are meeting this week to determine the preliminary budget.  Donations for this event will be accepted and are greatly appreciated.  Other Subcommittee meetings will take place between now and January before the January Advisory Committee Meeting.

Participation Confirmation Forms are being distributed to potential partners for the event with a return due date of January 10.

The event web page has been started by Karen Allen Reckert of Mekea Designs.  It will go public at a later date.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November Duncannon A.T. Community Committee Meeting Minutes

Nov. 14th ~ Attendees:

Fred Lauster, Borough Council/Parks & Rec Board
Jerry Bell, Borough Council/Parks & Rec Board
Jack Conrad, Borough Council/Parks & Rec Board
Mary “trailangelmary” Parry, Lead Volunteer
Paul Smith, Entertainment Chairperson
Jason Finnerty, Tri-County Regional Planning Commission/Perry County Planner
Kim McKee, Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Mike O’Connor, Mountain Club of Maryland
Barb Van Horn, Susquehanna Appalachian Trail Club
Rob Shaw, Susquehanna Appalachian Trail Club
Susan Norris, Susquehanna Appalachian Trail Club/Graphics Chairperson
Pat Woods, Susquenita Middle School
Paul Marth, Susquenita Middle School
Malissa Hoover, Susquenita Elementary School
Luke, Susquenita High School (Senior Project)
David Snyder, Appalachian Music Conservancy
Annie Lieby, Outdoor Photographer
Jim Renner, Penn Township Parks & Rec
Linda Britcher, Business Owner
Deb Takach, Resident and Storyteller
Jim McNulty, Susquehanna River Trail Association
Bruce Bishop, Susquehanna River Trail Association

Committee Members/Participating Organization Reps that couldn’t make it:  Matt Smith, Fundraising Chairperson; Bob Peiffer, PR/Advertising Chairperson; Linda Sieber, Sherman’s Creek Watershed Association; Gwen Lehmann, PA Audubon


Introductions and congratulations to the Committee on Duncannon’s application having been approved!  Going forward we will need a volunteer to do a write-up and pick photos/images for Duncannon’s page on the A.T. Communities section of the ATC web site.  For examples click on the communities listed on this page:

The Borough can also start planning for two 18" x 24" A.T. Community signs (see image at top right of blog) that will accompany the designation to be placed at community gateways or other preferred locations.

Mountain Club of Maryland (MCM) Rep Mike O’Connor let us know that the A.T. panel for the Susquehanna Greenway River Towns kiosk is currently undergoing final design and then will be sent to fabrication.  MCM is funding and coordinating this effort.

Councilman Jack Conrad updated the group on the Apple Tree Alleywalk project.  The Borough has voted to move forward with a site design for the first phase of the project – starting in the section adjacent to Clark’s Ferry Tavern. 

Susquenita Middle School teacher Paul Marth announced that the Middle School Art Teacher has already received several submissions from all four grades for the Post Card Art Contest.  The winner from each grade will be announced at the designation event and the post cards distributed to area businesses.  Mary will be coordinating donated prizes for the winners.
See all planning updates for the designation event on the A.T. Community Planning page of this blog.

Action Items:
  • Borough can start planning for placement of two 18 x 24" full color aluminum street signs
  • Volunteer needed to produce content for Duncannon page on ATC's A.T. Community web site
  • All should fill out their event participation confirmation forms and return to Mary by January 10th or let her know when she will be receiving it if after that date.  If you need participation forms for additional organizations you'd like to reach out to, contact Mary. 
  • Malissa Hoover will check into the possibility of screening the Nat. Geo. Appalachian Trail film at the School the Friday before the event.
  • Insurance - Kim McKee will get answer on NPS insurance coverage - Mary(?) will explore other options for the event.
  • Susan Norris has (wonderfully) volunteered to head up the Graphics Committee - additional volunteers needed to serve on this committee and start helping with graphics, fliers & signage
  • Jason Finnerty will start putting together an event map in GIS outlining activity and event locations for use in meetings, on the web site, during the event
  • Volunteer needed to head the Logistics subcommittee and to coordinate and delegate responsibilities
  • Budget team will meet over the next few weeks to make sure the budget and fundraising targets line up once cost estimates are nailed down.
  • Kim McKee will start organizing volunteer workday with NSRR Enola Yard employees

Monday, November 14, 2011

First Two Donations received for Designation Event Prizes!

The Committee's received the first two donations for prizes at the June 2012 event!  Mary "trailangelmary" Parry has donated an Appalachian Trail Conservancy membership; and Jennifer Pharr Davis, the record-holding speed-hiker who this summer completed the 2,182 miles of the A.T. in 46 days, 11 hours and 20 minutes, donated a signed copy of her book Becoming Odyssa

If you would like to donate a door or raffle prize to Duncannon's A.T. Community Committee for the upcoming designation event themed "Saving Our Community from Nature Deficit Disorder" (a little over six months away!) please contact event organizer Mary Parry at 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Next Advisory Committee Meeting this coming Monday, Nov. 14th

The A.T. Community Advisory Committee meeting is coming up on Monday, Nov. 14 at 6pm at the Borough Office on North High St.  The Committee will continue planning for the June 2nd, 2012 designation event and offer updates on Apple Tree Alley and plans for potential volunteer projects in the downtown area.  If you'd like to get involved, do attend!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Local Artists and Musicians sign on for Designation Celebration

Antonio Andrade, Musician
In addition to the Susquenita High School and Middle Bands, local artists and musicians from Perry County Council of the Arts have signed on to perform/display at the designation celebration next June.  Thus far Antonio Andrade is tentatively scheduled to perform and Sheldon Ott of Appalachian Kraft Products, outdoor photographer Annie Leiby and artist Kim Wolfe are planning to display. 

Committee member and music/artist chairperson Paul Smith has also developed a t-shirt design for the event!  Free vendor space is available at the June 2nd event for vendors selling products relate to nature - wood products, textiles, etc.  Contact Mary Parry at for a confirmation form.